This workflow demonstrates how JAGTAC Team manages to go from a Well/Seismic to an Earth Model to find and unlock hidden hydrocarbon resources

Our Digital Oil and Gas Solutions operate on Human-Assisted Automation and Expert-Assisted Automation (H2A/E2A)

JAGTAC is a nimble, motivated, evolving, virtual company distributed around North America. Our company has NO bricks and Mortar, No Processes, No capital investors, very low operating cost, extremely low overhead. We are a classic disruptive technology company, constantly changing, improving, evolving, and refining our delivered quality. All of our storage and processing is done on AWS that allows us the latest computational speed and efficiency.  

JAGTAC is a group of diverse and experienced professionals. We can consult, advise, and deliver results for the entire hydrocarbon lifecycle, from delineation through to capitalization of oil and gas resources.

We have over 300 years of collective experience,
95 years of post-secondary education,
competency in 10 languages,
have overall experience in most of the 226 basins of the world and 200+ fields worldwide.
Our work experience includes contributions in research labs and exploration/production departments in over 25 companies.      250-575-7582 

Kelowna, BC     Calgary, AB      Bradenton, FL          Lafayette La.